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Immediate Payout Annuities
Online Quote

(not valid for settlement options)

Select payment option:
For quotes for payment options other than those listed here, send a special quote request to our Sales Department, or call them at 800-535-8110, or fax them at 225-343-1747.
Enter number of years: Fixed Number of Years - enter 10 through 30, inclusive
Life with Minimum Number of Years Guaranteed - enter 10, 15, or 20
Life Only - No entry required
Annuitant Age: Valid ages: 30-95, inclusive
You do not need to enter your age if you are requesting a "Fixed Number of Years" quote
Annuitant Sex:
Resident State: Select Resident State from the list.
Qualified?: Yes - IRA
Yes - non-IRA
Required if Resident State selected above is CA, NV, or WY. Not required for other states.
Click here to view premium tax rates in CA, NV, and WY.

Choose one of the calculation options below:

Calculate the Monthly Income expected from an Annuity Amount of
Amount entered must be between $20,000 and $300,000.
Calculate the Annuity Amount required in order to receive a Monthly Income of
Less Premium Tax: 
  Tax rate: %
Net Annuity Amount: 
Income Amount: 
Annuity Amount: 
Less Premium Tax: 
Tax rate:   %
Net Annuity Amount: 

Current monthly income factors are subject to change without notice on new applications.

Current Monthly Income Factors
(As of 8/16/2011)

Period Certain
MONTHLY INCOME PER $1,000 $9.02 $6.25 $4.87


Life with Minimum Number of Years Guaranteed Life Only
Male 10 Years 20 Years No Payments After Death
60 4.13 3.84 4.20
65 4.74 4.19 4.90
70 5.50 4.49 5.87
75 6.37 4.70 7.21
80 7.27 4.81 9.07
Life with Minimum Number of Years Guaranteed Life Only
Female 10 Years 20 Years No Payments After Death
60 3.79 3.63 3.83
65 4.34 4.01 4.42
70 5.05 4.37 5.24
75 5.96 4.64 6.44
80 6.98 4.79 8.21

Above factors are per thousand of lump sum, less  state premium taxes in the following states:

State Qualified/IRA Rate Non-Qualified Rate
CA .50% 2.35%
NV 0% 3.50%
WY 0% 1.00%

Payments are guaranteed for the full payment period, and there are no policy fees.

These factors apply to new applications only.  For existing annuities, please contact our Customer Service Department, or call 1-800-535-8110.

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